Particular Garnacha Blanca

The nuances of heaven. One night on the roof. Looking at the stars. Remember a moment.


Attractive pale yellow color with greenish tones, clean and bright. Fine aromas in which floral notes and soft tones of tropical fruits combine with great harmony. In the mouth it is fresh and tasty, with a balanced, wide and fruity mid palate.

Service Temperature: 5º – 6º C

Pairing: Unique to accompany starters, elaborated fish, seafood and fresh cheese.


We harvest this variety at dusk to take advantage of the low temperatures at night. This way we get the grapes to enter the cellar as cold as possible and we can start their cold maceration as soon as possible to achieve a greater extraction of the aromas that hide in the skins. Afterwards, we carefully separate the grape skin and the racking and take the must to the controlled fermentation tank where it will sleep between 30 days and 30 nights. Without hardly waking it up, we start a little aging on lees, the real secret of our winemaker. A secret that will give it that complexity that makes this Garnacha Blanca such a special wine. Night harvest. Cryomaceration, 6 – 8 hours. CO2 / 15º C controlled fermentation, 20 – 30 days. Aging on lees, maximum 60 days.

Variety: Garnacha blanca

Volume: 75 cl



Unique Blanc de Noir in Aragon, of limited production and made, solely and exclusively, with red grapes.


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